Editing your listing

Please note:

  • Any part of a listing – except the property address – may be changed at any time, whether active or not. 
  • Once you begin editing, be prompt to finish through to the end.  Sessions left inactive for more than 5 minutes will automatically timeout and any changes will be lost, requiring you to start over.

Editing a listing:

  1. Visit www.rentGR.com
  2. Click on Control Panel link
  3. Login (email address + password)
  4. Click the “edit” button to the left of the listing to be edited
  5. Make changes to your listing information, click the [Next] button
  6. Make changes to your pictures (see more under Pictures and such), click the [Next] button 
  7. Review your changes, then click [Finish] to save
  8. If your listing is currently active, please double check your listing on line to confirm your changes
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