Login and password help

Important note:  Username must be an active, working e-mail address, for the following reasons:  (add @rentgr.com to your safe sender list)

1)  Account activation – To this address we will send an e-mail with a link that you need to click in order to activate your account.

2)  Password resets – If your password needs to be reset, it will be sent to this email address. If this e-mail address is invalid, you will not be able to receive a new password and will need to setup a new account (all your listing information will be lost).

3)  Listing confirmations – You will receive confirmations and other important communication from us at this e-mail address.  Only important stuff . . . we will never send you anything else.

This e-mail address is hidden from view –  No one will see this address.  You may use another address in your listings, if you wish. If you don’t want e-mail from renters, but only phone calls, just say so in your listing.


Security question:

This is a challenge question you will be required to answer in the event of a lost or forgotten password.  Please choose one of the questions from the dropdown box, then enter the answer below it in the space provided (case sensitive).  This is the only way to reset your password . . .  So, please setup a security question that you will fully understand and know the answer to a year or more from now.

Resetting your password: lost or forgotten passwords

  1. Visit www.rentGR.com
  2. Click on Control Panel link
  3. Click on Forgot Your Password? link
  4. Enter your Username (e-mail address), click [Submit] button
  5. Your question will be displayed. Please enter the answer and click [Submit] button
  6. If answered correctly, a new password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address submitted in step 4
  7. If incorrect, you will have another opportunity to answer.  Note: As a security precaution, your account will be locked after 5 incorrect attempts. We will have to unlock it for you if this happens.

New password e-mail: 

Your new password will look like this – Vwuyh{HEbcae^d – 14 charaters of “gibberish” which is actually a very strong password.  We recommend using copy/paste when using this password.  Once logged in to your Control Panel, please change your password to something memorable, yet secure.  Then write it down in a safe and accessible place, like your rental file.

Changing your password:

  1. Visit www.rentGR.com
  2. Click on Control Panel link
  3. Login (email address + password)
  4. Click on Change My Password link
  5. Enter current password (or new temporary password e-mailed to you)
  6. Enter new password
  7. Confirm new password
  8. Click [Change Password]
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